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General Information

This site was originally created in 1990 by Robb Mavins as an internal document that served several purposes.

  • Education of Canadian Forces Cadet Instructor List officers in allied & NATO rank structures.
  • Education of UN posted officers in allied & NATO rank structures.
  • Collecting information for publication.
  • The author was at the time part of a UN  consulting group creating an international standard for rank insignia discussions and notes.
  • Basically this site is dedicated to study of rank insignia and military organization.

    You will find drawings or pictures of the insignia of most of the world's armed forces including  Canada, United States, Mexico, most of South America, Europe & Asia

    The original focus of this site was sea and naval forces. This includes sea auxiliary, marine, merchant navy and coast guard forces. Information included is on historical as well as current forces.

    Also you will find links to some of the best resources on the net, a bibliography and links to the services featured herein.

    Note on Rank Grades

    To aid in understanding how a particular rank fits in the hierarchy, there is a rank grading system.  This gives the reader an idea of where and how the rank compares to other countries.  The notes by each rank on the National pages explain further details where known, such as duties and regular posting. Rank Grade System

    Note on Rank Titles & Translations

    I do not generally translate ranks or use equivalencies.  Instead  I try to always use the actual rank title in the original language.  If the alphabet is a non western (English) then I provide where possible an the "official" English language term. 

    By example, I mean:

    If the Russian Navy rank title is actually Kапитан 3-го ранга , then I would give it and the English literal term Kapitan Tretyego Ranga rather than "Commander". 

    The Israeli rank of ןגס  would be Rav-Seren  rather than "Lieutenant Commander".

     submit suggestions.

    About the Insignia

    Unless otherwise noted, the majority of insignia on this site have been drawn by the author and/or come from official sources.  If insignia comes from another source it is acknowledged  and noted on the actual page 

    User contributions & updates are welcomed. 

    Terms & Conditions

    This site is for informational and research use only and may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for such use. All original author and copyright information must remain intact.

    This is a hobby - Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author.  If you need further information see Contacts.

    As noted, most of the insignia on this site have been drawn by the author and/or come from official sources.  If insignia comes from another source it is acknowledged  and noted on the actual page.

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    Questions about copyright ? Please see : Terms & Conditions

    Questions, corrections, updates or other comments about this site are welcomed and may be sent to: Robb Mavins.

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