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What is the Rank Maven ?

Basically this site is dedicated to study of rank insignia and military organization.

You will find drawings or pictures of the insignia of most of the world's armed forces including  Canada, United States, Mexico, most of South America, Europe & Asia.

The original focus of this site was sea and naval forces. This includes sea auxiliary, marine, merchant navy and coast guard forces. Information included is on historical as well as current forces.

Also you will find links to some of the best resources on the net, a bibliography and links to the services featured herein.


What's  New

bulletApril 10-15, 2004
bulletFebruary 26-29, 2004 - Major site update underway - some links may not work.
bulletDecember 2003  -  Added new  pages on Canadian Navy, NATO, Confederate Navy.
bulletCanadian Forces Cap Badge page moved here. CF Cap Badges

Upcoming  Updates

bulletFebruary 2004 - Cadet Forces of the World will be uploaded.
bulletFebruary 2004 - North American Police Department insignias.
bulletDecember 2003 - January 2004 ongoing. Major design change and updates to all pages.
bulletDecember 2003 - I am adding new pages every day on naval rank and organization.

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