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Warrants, NCO's, and Men's Rank Insignia and Appointment Titles

First World War
(up to May 1915)

Warrant Officer

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major

Staff Sergeant

Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
Battery Quarter Master Sergeant
Company Quarter Master Sergeant
Squadron Sergeant Major
Battery Sergeant Major
Company Sergeant Major
Colour Sergeant


artificsgt.gif (3615 bytes)
Armourer Sergeant Artificer Sergeant Farrier Sergeant Pioneer Sergeant Signaling Sergeant
Stretcher Bearer Sergeant Sergeant Drummer Sergeant Trumpeter Sergeant Bugler Band Sergeant
Paymaster Sergeant
Orderly Room Sergeant
Sergeant CAMC
Machine Gun Sergeant
Sergeant Cook


cpl.gif (6871 bytes) camccpl.gif (6223 bytes)
Artificer Corporal Corporal Hospital Corporal Signaling Corporal
Stretcher Bearer Corporal
Corporal CAMC


saddler.gif (4297 bytes)

pioneer.gif (4298 bytes)

Bombardier (RCA) Collar Maker



2nd Corporal (RCE)
Lance Corporal

shoeing.gif (4704 bytes)

Fitter Shoeing Smith Wheeler Trumpeter
Carriage Smith

First World War
(May 1915 onwards)

Warrant Officer I Class

w0iiwi.gif (4376 bytes) wo1wwi.gif (5986 bytes)    
Conductor, Army Ordnance Corps Subconductor, Army Ordnance Corps Master Gunner 2nd Class Farrier Corporal Major
1st Class Staff-Sergeant-Major, Army Service Corps
Garrison Sergeant Major
1st Class Staff-Sergeant-Major, Army Pay Corps
Schoolmaster Farrier Sergeant Major
Master-Gunner 1st Class
Schoolmaster, 1st Class
Sergeant Major, Army Medical Corps Sergeant Major, Gymnastic Staff Sergeant Major, School of Musketry Sergeant Major, Bandmaster
(except Household Cavalry and Foot Guards)

Warrant Officer II Class

mguniiiwi.gif (4631 bytes) woiii.gif (2881 bytes)   camcwo.gif (3679 bytes)  
Master Gunner 3rd Class Schoolmaster Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, School of Musketry Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Army Medical Corps Sergeant Major, Gymnastic Staff
Garrison Quartermaster Sergeant
Quartermaster Corporal Major
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
Battery Sergeant-Major
Squadron Sergeant-Major
Squadron Corporal-Major
Troop Sergeant-Major
Company Sergeant-Major

Staff Sergeant

Staff Quartermaster Sergeant Sergeant Bugler Sergeant Drummer
Sergeant Piper
Staff Sergeant of Regimental Band, Artillery Quartermaster Sergeant, Gymnastic Staff Company Sergeant Major Instructor, Gymnastic Staff
ssgt.gif (10974 bytes)
Armament Quartermaster Sergeant Battery Quartermaster Sergeant Staff Sergeant, Army Ordnance Corps
Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Company Quartermaster Sergeant Staff Sergeant, Army Medical Corps
Staff Sergeant Farrier Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Staff Sergeant, Army Pay Corps
Staff Sergeant Wheeler Armament Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant, Armourer
Staff Sergeant Smith Staff Sergeant, Army Service Corps Sergeant of Mounted Band


Sergeant Band Sergeant Pioneer Sergeant Sergeant Instructor, Gymnastic Staf




lcpl.gif (5152 bytes)  

Bombardier (RCA) Pioneer Bandsmen
Bugler Trumpeter Drummer
2nd Corporal (RCE)
Lance Corporal

Second World War

Rank chevrons and badges of rank/appointment throughout the Second World War were made from khaki worsted embroidery and were worn on Battledress in the same manner as they had been on prewar Service Dress Jackets.  On summer uniforms, they were backed with Khaki Drill cloth.

Warrant Officer I Class

Conductor (RCOC) Master Gunner First Class Bandmaster Master Gunner 2nd Class
Staff Sergeant Major 1st Class

Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Armourer Sergeant Major Farrier Sergeant Major Topographic Surveyor Sergeant Major
Garrison Sergeant Major Artificer Sergeant MajorClerk Foreman of Signals, Sergeant Major Saddler Sergeant Major
Accountant Signals, Sergeant Major Signals, Sergeant Major Foreman of Works Sergeant Major Sergeant Major, Artillery Clerk
Armament Sergeant Major Draughtsman Signals, Sergeant Major Lithographer Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Instructor (Instructional Cadre)
Mechanist Sergeant Major Staff Sergeant Major Sub-Conductor, R.C.O.C. Superintending Clerk

Warrant Officer II Class

Armament Quarter Master Sergeant Foreman of Signals Quarter Master Sergeant Quarter Master Sergeant Staff Quarter Master Sergeant Master Gunner Third Class
Artisan Quarter Master Sergeant Foreman of Works Quarter Master Sergeant Quarter Master Sergeant Artillery Clerk Topographic Surveyor Quarter Master Sergeant
Armourer Quarter Master Sergeant Garrison Quarter Master Sergeant Quarter Master Sergeant Instructor
(Instructional Cadre)
Squadron, Battery or Company Sergeant Major
Engineer Clerk Quarter Master Sergeant Lithographer Quarter Master Sergeant Quarter Master Sergeant Superintending Clerk Squadron, Battery or Company Sergeant Major
(Instructional Cadre)
Engineer Draughtsman Quarter Master Sergeant Mechanist Quarter Master Sergeant Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant Company Sergeant Major Superintending Clerk
Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant Orderly Room Sergeant
(when graded as a Quarter Master Sergeant)
Saddler Quarter Master Sergeant

Warrant Officer III Class

Troop Sergeant Major Section Sergeant Major Platoon Sergeant Major

Staff Sergeant

Squadron, Battery or Company Quarter Master Sergeant
(except RCA & RCE)

Battery Quartermaster Sergeant (RCA)

Company Quartermaster Sergeant (RCE)

Armament Staff Sergeant Mechanist Staff Sergeant
Armourer Staff Sergeant Orderly Room Sergeant (when graded as a Staff-Sergeant)
Artisan Staff Sergeant Saddler Staff Sergeant
Engineer Clerk Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Artillery Clerk
Engineer Draughtsman Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Clerk
Farrier Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Foreman of Works Staff Sergeant Superintending Clerk
Lithographer Staff Sergeant Topographic Surveyor Staff Sergeant


Armourer Sergeant Lithographer Sergeant Provost Sergeant Sergeant Shoemaker
Clerk Signals Sergeant Machinist Sergeant Saddler Sergeant Sergeant Tailor
Engineer Clerk Sergeant Mechanist Sergeant Sergeant Artificer Signaling Sergeant
Engineer Draughtsman Sergeant Orderly Room Sergeant (when below the rank of Staff Sergeant) Sergeant Artillery Clerk Transport Sergeant
Engineer Works Sergeant Pay-Sergeant Sergeant Instructor (Instructional Cadre) Topographic Surveyor Sergeant
Farrier Sergeant Pioneer Sergeant Sergeant Roughrider Wheeler Sergeant
Cavalry Band Sergeants
Sergeant (RCA) Sergeant (RCE) Band Sergeant
(except Cavalry)
Bugle Major
Band Lance Sergeant
Drum Major Foot Guards
(except Greatcoats)
All other Drum Majors and
greatcoats of Foot Guards Drum Majors
Pipe Major Foot Guards
(except Greatcoats)
All other Pipe Majors and greatcoats of Foot Guards Pipe Majors Trumpet Major


Armourer Corporal

Bombardier Cook Corporal Orderly Room Clerk

Band Corporal
(except Cavalry)

Armourer Lance Sergeant

Bombardier Orderly Room Clerk Farrier Corporal
Artificer Corporal Bombardier Signaler (RCA)

Lance Sergeant

Band Bombardier (RCA)
Cavalry Band Corporals Corporal

Provost Corporal

Bombardier (RCA) Corporal Cook Signaling Corporal

Band Lance Corporal
(Foot Guards)

Bombardier Clerk Corporal Clerk

Transport Corporal


lcpl.gif (5152 bytes) bandlcpl.gif (5913 bytes)

Privates had no special rank insignia.

Armourer Lance Corporal

Band Lance Corporal
(other than Foot Guards)

Armourer Craftsman Piper
Lance Corporal Artificer Saddler
Lance Bombardier (RCA) Clerk Signaler (other than RCCS)

Cavalry Band Lance Corporals

Farrier Trumpeter
Pioneer Wheeler
Bandsmen of Cavalry units
bandman.gif (4470 bytes)
Bandsman Bugler Drummer Trumpeter



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